Charity auction

11 December 2015

14 Crus Classés de Graves Double Magnums auctioned to raise funds for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks

All member châteaux of the Cru Classés de Graves auctioned off 14 double magnums of their wines, with proceeds going to a fund for the victims and families of the November 13 Paris attacks and for the prevention of terrorism.

The auction took place from December 1-11 2PM through website, and the proceeds were donated on December 13, one month after gunmen killed 130 people in coordinated attacks across France’s capital.

The auction came after the annual Les Accabailles dinner held by the Crus Classés de Graves in honour of the restaurant and sommelier trade in Europe and abroad, when traditionally double magnums are distributed through a draw for those attending the dinner.

The 25th edition of this dinner was held on November 15 this year, just a few days after the attacks, Crus Classés de Graves president Jean-Jacques Bonnie explained that the group wanted to do something in response to the atrocities and to show that art and culture, of which wines are part of, can be a form of resistance and solidarity.

10 100€ was collected and donated through the Fondation de France programme Give for France to the families of the attack.


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